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Netherlands Armed Forces

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Command of Netherlands Troops in Seedorf, Hohne, Langemannshof
Operational Role: 1 (NL) Corps Forward-Deployed Element
13 Armoured Brigade
41 Armoured Brigade

Force Profile
Operational Role: The Corps Covering Force
51 Armoured Brigade
11 Armoured Infantry Brigade
12 Armoured Infantry Brigade
42 Armoured Infantry Brigade
43 Armoured Infantry Brigade
52 Armoured Infantry Brigade
53 Armoured Infantry Brigade
101 Infantry Brigade

Operational Role
Reorganisation: Army Plan 162
101 Antiaircraft Artillery Group
Operational Role
The Introduction of the Stinger, 1985-1987

1 (NL) Corps Artillery
Operational Command Structures: The Field Artillery Groups
Dual Capable Artillery
101 Signal Group
Operational Role: The Corps Area Communications System
101 Engineer Combat Group
Operational Role
Atomic Demolition Munitions
201 Engineer Combat Group
Operational Role
Corps Logistic Command
Operational Role
Forward Storage Sites
Reorganisations 1984-1990s
101 Military Constabulary Battalion
Operational Role
Light Aviation Group
Operational Role
Unit Organisation and Equipment
• Amphibious Section
Whiskey Infantry Company
1 Amphibious Combat Group
2 Amphibious Combat Group
• 3 Amphibious Combat Group
The Logistic Support Group
Boat Company Group
Marine Corps Special Assistance Unit / Navy Patrols Division Netherlands
Navy Patrol Company Netherlands
The Security Detachment
The Brigade Staff and Staff Company
104 Observation and Reconnaissance Company
• The Reconnaissance Platoon of the Tank/Armoured Infantry Battalion
The Brigade Reconnaissance Platoon
• The Reconnaissance Battalion
• 53 Light Reconnaissance Battalion
The Territorial Light Reconnaissance Squadron
The Tank Battalion of the Armoured Brigade
The Tank Battalion of the Armoured Infantry Brigade
The Tank Battalion (old organisation)
The Armoured Infantry Battalion YPR-765
The Armoured Infantry Battalion YP-408
The Armoured Antitank Company
The Infantry Battalion of the Infantry Brigade
The Infantry Battalion of the Territorial Infantry Brigade
The Territorial Security Infantry Battalion
425 and 434 Mobile Security Infantry Company
436 and 437 Mobile Security Infantry Company
The Territorial Mobile Security Infantry Company
The Territorial Light Security Infantry Company
The Territorial Heavy Security Infantry Company
The Territorial Security Infantry Company 
The National Reserve Company Staff
The National Reserve Platoon
305 Commando Battalion
The Armoured Antiaircraft Artillery Battery
The Armoured Antiaircraft Artillery Battery (old organisation)
The Light Antiaircraft Artillery Battalion
The Quadruple Antiaircraft Machinegun Platoon
• The Field/Horse Artillery Battalion M109A2/A3
The Field Artillery Battalion M110A2 / M107
The Field Artillery Battalion M114A1
19 Field Artillery Battalion, Nuclear Deployed
129 Field Artillery Battalion, Nuclear Deployed
101 Artillery Survey Battalion
The Armoured Engineer Company
The Engineer Battalion
The Diver Platoon
901 Torpedo Company
The Brigade Supply Company
The Brigade Repair Company
The Brigade Medical Company
Mixed Battalions and Company Teams
Unit Symbols
Regimental and Corps Affiliations
Archives and Collections
Official Publications
Books, Articles and Published Documents

Cold War
Orders of Battle and Military Organisation
Netherlands Armed Forces
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