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National Territorial Command
Nationaal Territoriaal Commando (NTC)

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Unit Location Peace Strength War Strength
Staff and Staff Company
National Territorial Command
Gouda 56/48/26/138 (268) 113/88/219/102 (522)
North Holland Provincial Military Command/Garrison Command Amsterdam 25/100/279/215 (619) 139/308/1820/215 (2482)
South Holland Provincial Military Command/Garrison Command Den Haag 18/73/152/178 (421) 211/565/3487/178 (4441)
Utrecht Provincial Military Command/Garrison Command Utrecht 24/103/192/260 (579) 89/227/1097/252 (1665)
Zeeland Provincial Military Command/Garrison Command Middelburg 5/14/12/32 (63) 78/135/792/31 (1036)
Gelderland Provincial Military Command/Garrison Command Arnhem 63/309/473/705 (1550) 158/483/2237/668 (3546)
Overijssel Provincial Military Command/Garrison Command Deventer 21/82/144/136 (383) 98/195/1079/133 (1505)
North Brabant Provincial Military Command/Garrison Command Vught 62/284/669/649 (1664) 230/506/2408/633 (3777)
Limburg Provincial Military Command/Garrison Command Maastricht 12/47/43/115 (217) 101/230/1273/111 (1715)
Friesland Provincial Military Command/Garrison Command –   46/86/458/3 (593)
Groningen Provincial Military Command/Garrison Command –   54/95/512/20 (681)
Drenthe Provincial Military Command/Garrison Command –   63/107/512/125 (807)
Northern Regional Military Command [a] Assen 17/69/127/151 (364) –  


a. On mobilisation Northern Regional Military Command, encompassing the Friesland, Groningen and Drenthe provinces in peacetime, would become Drenthe Provincial Military Command/Garrison Command.1

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460 Gnggp812 Tgp103 Pelvierlmitr102 Pelvierlmitr101 Pelvierlmitr304 Infbrig305 Cotrbat 327 Infbevbat 323 Infbevbat 302 Infbrig

323 Security Infantry Battalion [a]   44/126/680/2 (852)
327 Security Infantry Battalion [b]   38/113/720/2 (873)
302 Infantry Brigade   225/673/3414/12 (4324)
304 Infantry Brigade   225/673/3414/12 (4324)
305 Commando Battalion [c]   20/53/370 (443)
101 Quadruple Antiaircraft Machinegun Platoon [d] M55 Quad Mount 1/17/69 (87)
102 Quadruple Antiaircraft Machinegun Platoon [d] M55 Quad Mount 1/17/69 (87)
103 Quadruple Antiaircraft Machinegun Platoon [d] M55 Quad Mount 1/17/69 (87)
460 Engineer Combat Group   199/496/2917/8 (3620)
812 Transport Group   Gouda 19/47/322/69 (457) 255/615/3517/75 (4462)


a. On NATO Simple Alert under operational control of Commander-in-Chief Allied Forces Central Europe (CINCENT) and earmarked to secure Headquarters Allied Forces Central Europe (AFCENT),2 which had its wartime location in a hill in the Eifel.3 Filled by mobilisable personnel that had fulfilled their active-duty period in 11 Armoured Infantry Battalion up to eight and a half years prior to mobilisation.4
b. Earmarked to secure Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam.2 Filled by mobilisable personnel that had fulfilled their active-duty period in 41 Armoured Infantry Battalion up to eight and a half years prior to mobilisation.4
c. The operational role of 305 Commando Battalion was to provide military assistance, in particular in keeping open the lines of communications (LOCs); to locate, bind and neutralise enemy reconnaissance and sabotage units; and to serve as a mobile general reserve for National Territorial Commander. Missions might include direct action (DA) against enemy airborne or seaborne elements and securing, destroying or retaking vital objects. On mobilisation the battalion would be deployed in the west of the country, as the most important objects were located there; initially it would disperse over several locations to enable a quick first response. The battalion was filled by mobilisable personnel that had fulfilled their active-duty period in 104 Observation and Reconnaissance Company up to eight and a half years prior to mobilisation. The 'classic' commando role was partly covered by their training with 104 Company and partly by a four-week refresher training prior to their assignment to the battalion.4 5 
d Filled by personnel from the general pool of mobilisable reserves (vrij-indeelbaar bestand) that had fulfilled their active-duty period in relevant functions up to eight and a half years prior to mobilisation,4 probably in 15 and 25 Light Antiaircraft Artillery Battalion (disbanded in 1983; see 101 Antiaircraft Artillery Group, note n) as there had been no active-duty platoons of this type since 1977.6


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