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Netherlands Armed Forces

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NATO Commands
Ministry of Defence
Order of Battle:
Unit Organisation and Equipment
Unit Symbols
Regimental and Corps Affiliations


What's New

22.07.2020 Updated Royal Navy: added Naval Command Netherlands, Part I: The Fleet (Sea).
22.07.2020 Updated Royal Navy: expanded Organisation.
22.07.2020 Updated NATO Commands: some revisions to Multinational Forces.
10.07.2020 Updated Introduction: minor addition to Order of Battle: Typical Page Structure.
10.07.2020 Updated Royal Navy, Marine Corps, Part III: added peace and wartime personnel strengths.
10.07.2020 Updated Royal Navy, Marine Corps, Mobilisable Reserve: corrections to personnel strengths, added footnote 41. 
26.06.2020 Updated Royal Navy, List of Ships: expanded Submarines.
23.06.2020 Updated Royal Navy, Aircraft: revised notes a, c, d and footnote 24.
18.06.2020 Updated Royal Navy: added Aircraft.
18.06.2020 Updated Royal Navy, List of Ships: added Karel Doorman class frigates.
18.06.2020 Updated Royal Navy, List of Ships, Frigates: added note g.
18.06.2020 Updated Royal Army, 1 (NL) Corps Artillery: expanded footnote 16.
Updated Royal Navy, List of Ships: added Light Craft.
27.05.2020 Updated Royal Navy, List of Ships: added Auxiliary Vessels.
27.05.2020 Updated Links.

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